Sunday, 23 August 2015

Freedom Makeup Haul

Freedom Makeup Haul and swatches

Freedom Makeup is a new makeup brand from London. They are from the team of people who made you Makeup Revolution, Freedom makeup is there sister company so knowing this I thought I would do a haul. When purchasing this makeup firstly thy offered 20% of your first order when signing up and they also had a amazing offer of spend £25 then you will receive  another £25 worth of makeup for free so i really couldn't resist this offer. Freedom is really affordable brand and so far I have tried a couple of products and i'm pretty impressed. 


These two single eye shadow pot's where what I  received free.They are beautiful colour's which are so pigminted. I received the colours nude 206 and bright's 227. As you can see from the swatches they are stunning and just for only £1 each they are just beautiful and they offer lots of different shades.

I also have a few palettes the first palette is Brighten Stunning Rose Kit. I actually tried this palette out when i was out for the evening and didn't want to go for the over the top look on my eyes, this palette created a shimmering natural look which is what i wanted it to create. The other two palettes which I received free are lovely one palette is definitely more Bright colours and the other one is more natural tones more for a every day look. Again these are all beautiful shades and long lasting.


 I wanted to purchase this pro blush and Highlight kit as I just thought  the colours looked so beautiful and I was in need of a new blush so when i saw this little kit with lots of different  shades of pinks and also two highlighters in the centre I had to have this. Firstly I would just like to say the highlighter's are brilliant I applied a little to the top of my cheek bones and well Wow!! The blushes them self I have only tried one shade and that was the pale pink peachy shade on the bottom left and it wasn't to heavy on my cheek's was just enough for me as I don't like to much blush. Then onto the contour kit I brought this in the fair shade, and its fab i use the powder for under my eyes to set my concealer and then  the bronzer to contour. I am fair so this was just the right shade for me.


Ok here I have the Pro lipstick's Bare collection and this was buy 4 get 1 free. So all these lipstick's are in nudes and they are super creamy and long lasting. I was a little unsure of the colours but once I had swatched them and tried them on myself I soon changed my mind and was impressed with the quality of these.

Here i have again the exact same deal by four get one free, just these are in the pink shades. Out of all the makeup I received in this haul these lipsticks are by far my most favourite. I love the colours they are so wearable for everyday or for a night time look and they are long lasting and super creamy, I seriously can't get enough of these beauty's. For only £4 for all of these lipstick's I for sure will definitely will  be repurchasing these.


I am definitely a sucker when it comes to nail polishes I actually think I have a obsession, and no I  really didn't need to purchase any more nail polishes but when I  saw these and they were only £1 each I couldn't resit there are  many shades to choose from . I'm currently wearing two shades right now and so far i'm hooked! I have had my nails painted now for 4 days and no chips and still looking fresh as a daisy. I am planning in doing a little nail review and trying out a couple of patterns which I will post in the next couple weeks.

Ok so there you have it my Freedom Makeup haul i have done a collaborationwith  charlotte's picks on Freedom Makeup go and check out her page and see her Haul on Freedom makeup.

If you have tried freedom makeup let me know what you think of it in the comments below!


  1. Great post Abi, not going to lie I'm quite jealous of some of the items which you purchased and those nail colours look amazing! My post is going to go up on the 30/10/15 so I'll be sure to include your link in that too.
    Charlotte //

  2. awww thank's hun mean's a lot. The nail polishes are brilliant super happy i purchased them.
    I look forward to seeing your haul, can't wait. xxxx