Thursday, 22 October 2015

Revlon Makeup

When in my local boots I noticed a 3 for 2 deal on Revlon makeup. Now the purpose of my trip was just to pick up my all time favourite foundation by Revlon which is the Colourstay foundation. Noticing this deal though I had to take advantage. So firstly I picked up my foundation in the shade Sand Beige. One of the reason's I adore this foundation is it last's me the whole day and i find the coverage is so good. You only need a small amount and I work it in with a flat top Kabuki brush and it just looks flawless, this foundation retails at £12.99.

So with it being 3 for 2 I had the wonderful delight of picking another 2 products, i realised i was in need of a new liquid eye liner so I purchased the Revlon ultra black linear. My first impressions on this where moderate I wouldn't say I was to overly impressed I found with the eye liner I had to apply a few applications to get the best colour from it, and if I gently caught my eye with my hand it smudged really easily so I probably won't purchase this again. Then it was onto my last product so I decided to choose a lipstick I was wanting a nude pale kind of shade so I came across this lipstick in Pearl 025. I'm so glad I purchased this is so beautiful its a very natural shade and it leaves lovely shimmer to the lips, I also noticed it was very smooth to apply and left my lips very moisturising and did last a good few hours this was retailing at £6.99

Then last but not least, this was actually a free product I received because I did the 3 for 2 deal this was a free gift. This is a Revlon Photoready prime with anti shine in clear transparent shade. I apply this just before i apply my foundation. In the packaging it provides you a little sponge to apply this with, I'm not really into primer's I must say but I thought I would still try it. So I apply this just before my foundation only a small amount, the first thing what struck me was the smell of the sponge it really set my smell sense off it wasn't the nicest of smells to say the least! I have only tried this primer a couple of times so I can't give a big review on it yet so I will let you know when I have used it a couple more times.

Hope you enjoyed my little Revlon Haul, let me know in the comment's if you have tried any of these products? Xx

Monday, 12 October 2015

Salon Selectives

This month I have come across another Hair treatment! I am still in love with my Lee Stafford hair treatment, but as I only use that once a week I did need a conditioner for the rest of the week. So when I was in Savers looking at the endless rows of conditioner's this certain one caught my eye.

This is Salon Selectives 3 minute TLC Intensive Conditioner. As you can see from the title it claims to be a intensive conditioner which is something I do require with my hair. I purchased this for 89p no your not reading it wrong it was just 89p, I did think surely this isn't going to be great but I thought no let's give it ago. So after shampooing I apply a 50 pence sized amount to my mid length and ends then leave it for the 3 minutes it requires then wash of.This is thick consistency so a small amount goes a long way. After washing my hair I try to use as little heat on my hair as possible so I simply plait my hair then go to bed. The following day after styling my hair I did notice that my hair was surprisingly really smooth and felt really soft. I'm actually really enjoying using this as my conditioner and for only 89p I really can't fault it so I will be repurchasing this for sure!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Barry M

Is it to earlier for me to say that I am feeling a little festive spirit already! I know we are only just in October but I am feeling all festive, mind it probably doesn't help that the supermarket shelf's are stacked with Christmas goodies already. So I wanted to try something slightly different with my nail's just didn't want the cost of going to the Nail salon. So a shopping trip was in need, heading straight over to the Barry M counter this nail polish was just beaming at me Its a Barry M in the shade Socialite 523 this was £3.99. I also picked up a Beauty UK nail polish in the shade Twinkle Twinkle which was £1.

 I wanted to create a simple but effective look with these polishes so I just painted the tip's of my nails starting of with the Barry M shade applying over my tip's of the nail's then letting them dry, I did apply two coat's of this shade as I felt it needed the two. Then once they where dry I went over the tips with the silver Beauty UK nail polish again after each application I let it dry then reapplied another coat, I repeated this step two times. Then once the nail was completely dry I applied a clear nail varnish all over the nail for the extra shine!
                   ( I will just state these aren't my real nails they are false ones which I apply myself )

I hope you enjoyed my post, I would love to know what look's you like to create with your nail's.

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Recently I have been seeing lot's of my friends  family or people I follow on Youtube drinking smoothie's.
Soon after seeing so many people recommending these blender's I thought it was time to invest and what a better way of getting your 5 a day in just one shake. I did lot's or research in trying to find the right Blender for me and and eventually found the Blend.Active. This is currently in Morrison's for £21.99 so I took the plunge and brought it!.

When Unboxing it I was happy to see it come with two drink Beaker's! So the beaker will connect onto the blades just screw it on tightly and click into place, then once your done blending all you need to do is unscrew the blades from the beaker and screw the drinking lid onto it tightly then your away. This is such a little easy device to use there is no need for blending into a separate beaker's then having to pour it into another drinkable beaker, it's literally all there just one simple lid change is all it require's. Cleaning of the actually blades is simple just unscrew them from the main compartment and rinse under hot water and that's it so easy!

So far I have really been enjoying Strawberries, Raspberries, Banana and almond milk I have really been enjoying this smoothie for my breakfast and I do stay full till lunch. Now there is load's of fruit you can experiment with using this Blend.Active, I have noticed though the more tougher the fruit is like Apple's you will have to chop those fairly small to get them to blend well. Not all fruit will blend out into a smooth texture but if your like me who doesn't mind the odd bit of unpureed fruit then you will be fine.

So my lovely's here you have the Blend.Active, do you have a favourite smoothie??


Thursday, 24 September 2015

It does what it say's on the tub

It actually does what it states on the tub. Help's hair the doesn't grow more then one length. I always tend to find myself wondering of to the hair isle's when I'm in boot's or Superdrug as there are so many products out there which claim they do this and do that. Well when I was in my local Boot's I noticed this bright pink tub staring at me. It's a product made by Lee Stafford ( I have actually worked on a cutting course with this man he's amazing) anyway it's called Hair that doesn't grow past a certain length. This retail's at £7.99 but it was on offer so I managed to purchase it at £5.00. Now I have tried many product's which claim they can transform your  hair into lushious locks and so on and they never give my hair the lushious look they claim. So I purchased this and couldn't wait to try it out.

(now I do have to apologize for the lack of images my son decided he wanted to have the lid and now he has lost it!)

Since having my son I have found my hair has changed in so many way's it fall's out its very limp and I find it's still really dry after stupid amounts of conditioning. So this product states to use after shampooing and to massage into the hair from roots to ends and to then leave for 5 minutes. Firstly the smell of this is just divine I can't but a exact word on how amazing this smell's no actually it smells of a sweet shop to me ha but wow its so good! The formula is a thick gooey formula so this is why you have to leave it in for 5 minutes so it can break down and really soak into the roots and and ends. It is a protein based product so as well so this will really help the hair cuticles.

So after a solid month of using this once to twice a week I can happily say I actually have noticed a huge difference in my hair, not even is it how smooth my hair feel's and also smell's so divine, I have actually noticed my hair has actually grown not lot's but it has got past that certain length to where it didn't grow any further then to the top of my bra strap, well now it's past my bra strap, I have not can not rate this enough even my freind's and family having been saying my hair is getting long!!! Yes this product does do what it say's on the tub,  Mr Stafford you have done me proud here!!!!

Have you tried this, did you notice any changes in your hair after trying this out?

Thursday, 3 September 2015

My first mini Avon shop

So I decided I wanted to get in the Avon hype and see what its all about, so I contacted me local Avon rep for a magazine. Once receiving this magazine firstly I was hugely impressed with how many products they had and how inexpensive a lot of them where! I didn't want to spend an awful lot as I wanted to try a couple of products first to see what they were like. Yes I have purchased more lipstick's I have a addiction to them i just can't help but buy them!!   So take a peek down below to see what I purchased!

 Firstly I have a Avon Perfect kiss lipstick, and I'm loving the packaging it's so sleek and modern. The shade is in Kiss me pink but when it come to applying the lipstick I noticed it was more of an red/pink colour which
isn't a bad think but it won't be a shade I would pick straight away. The lipstick it's self is a creamy formula it's just not a shade for me.

Then i have purchased two Colour Pop lipstick's which where actually in the sale for £1.75 each. Once again the packaging on these are so cute Love them, they are a bright pink finished of with a couple of flowers around the sides so pretty. What i love about these lipstick's is how creamy and moisturising they are once applied, and they lasted most of the afternoon even after going to work and then coming home I still had product on my lip's and that is just a win win product there for me, so overall extremely happy that I'm now the proud owner of some Avon lipstick's!

Then we have a eye liner this is in the shade brown glow. When placing my order I did notice that it contain's glitter so I was excited for that, and it comes in a simple black tube which you have to turn at the top to get the eye liner out with a push on lid so basic simple packaging. I wanted this to use when I apply a smoky brown eye look to my eyes I wanted a change from my everyday black eye liner so I though this would work. When applying this I found the best way was to use a little each time and then build it up to how dark I wanted it on my eye lids, the glitter wasn't the noticeable so that was a bit of a downside to the product but apart from that everything else was ok it did wear of after a few hours of it being applied so I most probably will not rush out to buy this again, but hey we win some and lose some!

Then I left the best to last this simple but very effective day cream. This was on offer at half price £1.90. Again  you can see the packaging is not to fancy just very simple.Once I have taken of  my makeup I like to apply this before I go to bed. This a very nourishing cream, a little goes along way. I also like to apply this once I have woken up and washed my face I apply a small amount let it soak in to my skin which takes no more then 5 minutes then apply my makeup, and I just find it leaves my skin leaving soft throughout the day and smelling amazing as its cocoa butter the smell is just divine. The consistency is a lot more runnier then my usual face cream's and  found that this actually soaked in a lot quicker then other face creams I have used in the past so this was a bonus for me as I find nothing more worse then going to bed with my face being left sticky from where I'm waiting for my cream to dry.

Have you got any Avon must have products? Thanks for reading sprinkles of beauty! XxX

Sunday, 30 August 2015

A must have Makeup Brush set

If you adore Makeup as much as I do, you know its important to have a good makeup Brush set , as this can help achieve a better overall look and smoother finish. There are so many different Brushes out there you can always be stuck on where to start. I came across this set which I found on Ebay it contains 10 different brushes and was only £4.85, YES only £4.85 with free P&P I know bargain right!! I won't lie though I was a bit unsure on how well these where going to turn out as they where crazy cheap!

Firstly they were so affordable so if your on a tight budget or maybe just starting out in trying makeup these are definitely worth a go. Ok so yes they where super soft and yes i was one of those crazy ladies who sit's for 2 minutes constantly stroking my face with them!! After a couple of application's of using a brush I wanted to see how quick they were at trying drying and they actually dried quickly which is great! I would definitely recommended them!

So here is a Tapered Kabuki,Angled Kabuki,Flat Kabuki,Round Kabuki and a Flat angled Kabuki. I have been using the flat kabuki to apply my foundation which I am managing to achieve a smooth overall application which isn't making my face look over loaded in product, then I have been using the tapered kabuki to apply my concealer as it can really get into the difficult area's around my nose and corner of my eyes. I am no makeup artist so I like to explore with brushes and so far I found these brushes are working out great for me and the look I try to achieve on a daily basis.

Here  we have a precision tampered, precision round, precision flat,precision flat angled and a precision angled. So far I have only used a couple from this set. Which have been mostly for blending out my eye shadow, it is a larger brush so I found I could't do precise eye shadow with it but it was great just for an every day look.

What are your everyday go to brushes?